AutoGuardian's commands

# Name Description Usage Permission
1 announce Announces whatever you want to announce in the announcement channel. /announce Administrator
2 badge Add or remove badges from a user. /badge Administrator
3 ping Ping the bot to get a Pong. /ping Administrator
4 automod Setup Automod (Discord). /automod Administrator
5 eco Eco /eco No Permissions Required
6 defuse Defuse the bomb. /defuse Administrator
7 lock Lockdown this channel. /lock ManageChannels
8 unlock Remove lockdown from this channel. /unlock ManageChannels
9 ban Ban a user from the server /ban BanMembers
10 clear Clear this channel. /clear ManageMessages
11 kick Kick a user from the server /kick KickMembers
12 moderation Moderate a user on the server /moderation Administrator
13 sticky Create a sticky message in the current channel! /sticky ManageMessages
14 timeout Mute System. /timeout ManageGuild
15 unban Unban a user from the server /unban BanMembers
16 warnings Shows user warnings. /warnings ModerateMembers
17 premium All the premium commands /premium No Permissions Required
18 profile User Profiles /profile No Permissions Required
19 leaderboard Shows top 10 highest ranks in the server. /leaderboard No Permissions Required
20 rank Get the rank of a user. /rank No Permissions Required
21 reputation Give reputation to a user /reputation No Permissions Required
22 count-setup Setup your counting system. /count-setup Administrator
23 guess-setup Setup your guessing system. /guess-setup Administrator
24 rank-setup Setup the rank system. /rank-setup Administrator
25 suggest-setup Set up the channel to where suggestions are sent. /suggest-setup Administrator
26 tamagotchi-setup Setup the tamagotchi system. /tamagotchi-setup Administrator
27 ticket-setup Setup your ticketing system message /ticket-setup Administrator
28 suggest Submit a suggestion /suggest No Permissions Required
29 suggestion Suggestion system commands. /suggestion Administrator
30 hello Hello World CMD /hello No Permissions Required
31 ticket Add or remove a member from a ticket. /ticket Administrator
32 afk Set yourself afk! /afk No Permissions Required
33 apply Apply for staff position. /apply No Permissions Required
34 channelinfo Shows the latest changes in the bot. /channelinfo No Permissions Required
35 commands Commands menu list. /commands No Permissions Required
36 invite Invite me to your server. /invite No Permissions Required
37 serverinfo Sends the server's information. /serverinfo No Permissions Required
38 staffinfo Send/updates the staff list automaticly! /staffinfo No Permissions Required
39 votes Check if users/self has voted and when! /votes No Permissions Required